Cookie Dough Donut/Doughnut Recipe

During this weekend's baking adventures, I decided to try my hand at making edible cookie dough frosting to put on my basic chocolate cake donut. ┬áMy husband (this weekend's kitchen helper) and I tried a few different recipes before finally deciding this batch won. ┬áHope you enjoy! Recipe should make approximately 8-10 donuts, depending on… Continue reading Cookie Dough Donut/Doughnut Recipe


Raspberry Coffee Cake Donut/Doughnut Recipe

This morning, my husband decided to help me in the kitchen.  I let him choose our donut recipe and he said he wanted something with raspberry in it and said "can we make your coffee cake donuts with raspberry on them?"  Seeing my husband this excited about donuts was thrilling for me, so of course… Continue reading Raspberry Coffee Cake Donut/Doughnut Recipe


Cinnamon Roll Donut/Doughnut Recipe

As I mentioned in my previous post for the donut kebabs, last time my friends came over for brunch, I made cinnamon roll donuts.  They're so fun to make and even more fun to watch people enjoy.  These donuts put a fun twist on a classic breakfast food and give you a soft, sweet donut… Continue reading Cinnamon Roll Donut/Doughnut Recipe

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S’mores Donut/Doughnut Recipe

As promised on my thedonut_lady instagram (follow me plz!) below is my recipe for the delectable s'mores donuts that I made a while back.  I am so excited to make these again this summer, because who doesn't love a s'more in the summertime? These donuts are shockingly easy to make and a whole lot of… Continue reading S’mores Donut/Doughnut Recipe


Cookies and Cream Donut

These donuts are an awesome play on a classic cookies and cream flavor.  With a fluffy chocolate cake donut, smooth creamy icing, and crunchy crushed up cookies on top, you really can't go wrong with these bad boys.     Ingredients Needed: 2/3 cup of cocoa powder 1 + 3/4 cup of flour (I prefer… Continue reading Cookies and Cream Donut


Banana Chocolate Chip Donuts

The only question to ask yourself before making these donuts is "to chocolate drizzle or not to chocolate drizzle?"  These are some of my favorite donuts to make, because they can be breakfast (sans drizzle) or desert.  These donuts can have so many variations (see note at the bottom), including a peanut-buttery twist and healthier… Continue reading Banana Chocolate Chip Donuts