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Berry Donut/Doughnut Kebab Recipe

If you are looking for something fun for this years 4th of July party, then look no further!  I was thinking about what to make for this weekend and instantly thought of strawberry shortcake.  I wanted to include blueberries too, to make it a little more festive.  While creating this recipe, I realized that angel… Continue reading Berry Donut/Doughnut Kebab Recipe

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Double Chocolate Donut Kebabs Recipe

  Last night, I was having my college roommates over for a reunion, as one of them lives really far away.  Every time they come over, I try to make a fun treat.  The first time, they came over for brunch, which made donuts a shoe in.  I made them cinnamon roll donuts and they loved… Continue reading Double Chocolate Donut Kebabs Recipe