Chocolate Peanut Butter Donut/Doughnut Recipe

Reese's lovers, this one is for you!  If you like peanut butter, which I think applies to anyone who isn't allergic to it, then you'll like this recipe!  This sweet and peanut-buttery glaze on top of a basic chocolate donut is the perfect combination.  My favorite thing about this donut is that you can top it… Continue reading Chocolate Peanut Butter Donut/Doughnut Recipe


Basic Chocolate Cake Donut/Doughnut Recipe

I use the following recipe with a variety of toppings.  With this recipe, you can make any chocolate donut combination (chocolate pretzel, cookie dough, s'mores, or anything else you want).  Let me know in the comments if you try any new recipes with this chocolate donut as the base! Enjoy!   Ingredients Needed: 1 cup… Continue reading Basic Chocolate Cake Donut/Doughnut Recipe

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S’mores Donut/Doughnut Recipe

As promised on my thedonut_lady instagram (follow me plz!) below is my recipe for the delectable s'mores donuts that I made a while back.  I am so excited to make these again this summer, because who doesn't love a s'more in the summertime? These donuts are shockingly easy to make and a whole lot of… Continue reading S’mores Donut/Doughnut Recipe