Tips and Tricks

Tip- In a time crunch? Use this instead!

One of the best tricks I learned when making donuts for family and friends is that some companies have mixes you can use to save time.  My absolute favorite mixes to use when I want to make donuts, but don’t have enough time to measure out all of the ingredients is the William Sonoma mixes.  They come in double chocolate (with a pouch of ingredients for the chocolate glaze on top) and a cinnamon donut mix (with a pouch of cinnamon sugar to coat the donuts in).  They are a bit expensive (14.95 for a mix) but can save an immense amount of time in the baking process.

These donut mixes also make a really great base for a lot of other donuts.  In the past, I have used the double chocolate donut mix, added caramelized pretzels and caramel drizzle to the top for a “chocolate salted caramel pretzel” donut!  I have also used the cinnamon donut mix in my blueberry pie donut and my cannoli donut when pressed for time (recipes for those coming soon!)

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