My Donut Wedding Cake


My husband and I searched for the right wedding cake for a long time.  We went to multiple tastings (they were free, and we hadn’t grocery shopped in a while), and each time we left unsatisfied with our options (but luckily, we left full).  Eventually, my mom sat me down and asked, “if you could have anything for dessert at your wedding, what would it be?”  The first word that came to my mouth was “donuts.”  After that, it was just a matter of finding someone or some place that would make me the donut cake of my dreams.

Allie’s Donuts in Rhode Island is a popular place.  My mother-in-law has gotten me donut cakes from there for my birthday for the past 2 years (my husband grew up in Rhode Island) and it was a dream come true.  After a bit of back and forth, we found out that Julie Michaels uses Allie’s Donuts donut cakes to create wedding cakes.  We met with her and she designed the most beautiful cake that tasted equally as spectacular.  I would encourage any other donut-loving brides to consider the same thing.


Thank you to our AMAZING photographer Christina Ward Photography (check her out!!!) for capturing these flawless pictures of us and our cake.


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